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In this vision I tried to pay attention to the sun protection, because in the future climate will be much hotter than now. My proposal is to make a structures with canopies witch covered by solar panels and to attach it to existing buildings.

First plus in this system is that we can produce energy from the sun, the second plus is that we making inner space not so hot and thereby we are saving energy. Now we shouldn't use cooling system or we will use it but not so intensive.

One of the overriding things in my vision is the trees…It is so easy to plant and grow it. Trees can make a microclimate in area where it is located, also it is absorbs CO2 and produce oxygen.

“Space elevator” – what is it? It is a connection between Earth and Space, this connection is made of nanotubes, destination is at an altitude of 300 km and there, on the top we can put the hole fill of solar panels, and it will work much more efficient than on the Earth. Also we can put vertical wind turbines along this nano cable.

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3 main things in this vision

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