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The site - is Big Dorogomilovskaia street.In 2011 its not a street - it is 24 traffic jam.For me it was the main challange to make this street for people instead cars.Another challange is a water problem.Moscow is one of the few cities that is not experiencing issues with water supply, but climate is changing, its become more unpredictable, so problem of water is very important in Moscow too.


Infographic-Moscow water 2050

My vision of Moscow in 2050 :In 2050, Dorogomilovskaia street will transform from a transportation highway to a public promenade. I devided the street in two parts.One part is alloted for transport(public and private).Pods -is a private transport-it is the car of future,developed for Google by studio Mike&Maaike.(ATNMBL is short for Autonomobile).Private transport-mikeandmaaike Another part - is recreation zone. I decided to use water from undeground rivers for making a pool.In summer it will cooling the city. And in winter time it will play important public role:ice skating, sculpturing snowmens becomes a reality in Moscow.

Moscow undeground rivers net the consequences of ignoring the undeground rivers in Moscow

Water collecting.

There is two typologies on my site: -Residential buildings, and office buildings called - City.

Residential buildings - water is callected on the roof throught the hole year.In winter time we callect snow.For this purpose will built a construction. The construction is consist from the tank which will be heated by energy generated by solar panels.(panels can move, and change the angle).

Some of City offices will be transformed to vertical farms. The water collecting system the same like a residential buildings.

Time Line Climate is the one reason I do not use the facade of the building to get water. Energy costs for the conversion of snow into the water will be great. Therefore, most affordable, energy efficient solution - this is the collection of water on the roof.


Too know something more about my project, you can see below, thaks


 Timeline-Moscow Water

Three main things

2020 Transport and recreation zone 2030 Apartment, ridge 2040 City-Vertical farm

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