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Our concept is to offer an alternative to replace the car while combining the advantages of public transport in him integrating the concept of service. This service is based on three facilities: a high-speed train that reads all park and ride to form a fast axis around the city, a car rental subscription provides many benefits USER: in sparing the constraints s' maintains, purchasing and insurance that require a personal vehicle. Each vehicle travels at high speed in boarding the train from each station. After arrival at a station vehicles can move freely in the city parking stations are strategically placed outside the city, to park the vehicle coming from the suburbs. Vertical storage towers can charge vehicles.


"Tube" is a project from the following observation: the cities are closing more and more cars. Rejected for their noise, pollution, congestion of the networks, they are stopped and stored outside the cities. Municipalities therefore propose park and ride, without offering other solutions.Il is a comprehensive system that meets the evolving lifestyles by changing the concept of public transit. The other dimension to possible tube, with the emergence of new cities, is to integrate the start the study of mobility, taking into account planning.


This project is located in the near future, and anticipates the next steps in ecology and management of traffic in major cities. Facilitate access to cities is also revitalize and promote economic development. Environmentally, the system can also fight against the pollution of cities and promoted green spaces and pedestrian amenities. Delas to provide a mobility solution is primarily a reflection of global mobility and its role in urbanization.

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