Ulrich Knaack

Prof.dr.ing. U. Knaack
Building Technology (Bt) | Design of Constructions
Chair of Design of Constructions

Ulrich Knaack (born in 1964 in Germany) has a been a full professor of Design of Constructions at the faculty since 2005. In the Chair, he concentrates on the fundamentals of construction, the application of construction materials and elements, and the joints between the elements and materials themselves. The Chair analyses construction principles and the relationship with the production process, and examines unusual constructions and specific parts of buildings, such as outer walls. Important research topics are glass, outer wall constructions, prefabrication and the systematics and structuring of the field as a whole. This primarily involves research into the feasibility and application of new or innovative construction techniques and materials. Examples of materials that have recently been developed in this way are glass-fibre reinforced concrete and constructive glass. Among the areas of Knaack’s research are economic double-skin outer walls, façades in which the installations of a building are integrated and outer wall systems which are suitable for free-formed, ICT-operated architecture. Another feature of the Chair is the far-reaching integration of research and education. This occurs as a result of supervision of the Bachelor’s and Master’s student projects, and by integrating teaching groups in different parts of the course. Students in these groups are given the chance to test the results of research in models, so that they can become familiar with the large-scale problems that arise upon completion, on the basis of a concrete application. As well as being a professor in Delft, Knaack is also a full professor of ‘Entwerfen und Konstruieren’ at the Hochschule OWL in Germany. He has published extensively on the subject of the outer walls of buildings and constructive glass, and has worked at the RKW Architektur und Städtebau firm of architects in Düsseldorf, among others.