Daniel Dendra

In 2007 anOtherArchitect [aA] was founded by Daniel Dendra as a multidisciplinary platform for digital design with a focus on sustainable strategies, connections between virtual networks and real tectonics and urban design processes. Ever since aA has served as a cooperative platform for architects, artists, fashion designers, landscape architects, environmental specialists and structural engineers.

Before founding aA Daniel Dendra was working at various design offices in London, Moscow, Düsseldorf and Rotterdam such as A.M.O. (Rem Koolhaas) and Zaha Hadid Architects.

In 2008 Daniel was nominated for the International Chernikhov Prize. His work was widely exhibited at locations such as the Royal Academy Summer Show 2008 (London), the International Model Festival in Budapest in 2008, Milan Furniture Fair 2009, Furnex Cairo 2009, Parametric Prototypes (Xian – China) 2009, +20 Cairo 2010 and the Venice Architecture Biennale 2010.

After leading a studio together with Dr. Jenny Lowe at Brighton University (UK) Daniel Dendra was appointed visiting professor at DIA (Dessau Institute of Architecture | Bauhaus Dessau) in 2007 where he is leading a design studio. Since 2010 Daniel has become a studio master of GREENlab together with Thomas Auer (Transsolar) at the Ecole Spéciale d ́Architecture in Paris (ESA Paris).

In 2008 Daniel was curator of CANactions 2009 – a festival for young architects in Kiev, Ukraine.

Daniel Dendra is a founding partners of the OpenSourceDesign Network: OpenSimSim (OpenJapan), ftr.ct.lb*.