Interview with Johanna Meyer-Grohbruegge & Sam Chermayeff

About Sam Chermayeff and Johanna Meyer-Grohbruegge

We are the collaborative practice. Johanna Meyer-Grohbr├╝gge from Germany and Sam Chermayeff from New York. The two met at SANAA in Tokyo where they worked together for a combined ten years, 2005 through 2010. Their new venture, June14, begins with a desire to make things, places and atmospheres for all kinds of people. In an old fashioned sense, it may be a humanistic approach, and in another sense it may simply be a generosity toward different ways of living and working. It stems from a belief that architecture can make things happen and that things can happen to architecture. As an office its aim is to exchange with its users. It is open to new ideas. On a practical level the principals have experience with a wide range of projects from small gardens and bespoke furniture to office towers. The intention is to expand that range while maintaining a dynamic understanding of the human scale. The office is based in Berlin and New York.