Sardegna Urban greening
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major changes have occurred in particular in the 'school building, which has been revolutionized, and some changes were also made to the tower Sulis and the hotel.


-school building: the old form is superseded by creating two hills HCE also act as shops, the building is suspended above them, taking the form of a tree. The trunk holds it up and hides logins, instead of the trees supporting the floors

Sulis-tower: the walls become movable and follow the motion of the winds, varying their inclination;

-Hotels is adding a green walkway that connects the park with the building, a frame of steel pipes and grates create a series of terraces in the more sinuous' carry the wastewater to be recycled; Hotel,finish

It is located in a ground floor restaurant and a bar while the top floor, thanks to the metal structure, is formed a conference room and a bar with outdoor terrace; Panoramic Terrace

Materplan: Masterplan

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