Prabidhi Dixit

Prabidhi Dixit is from Nepal and is currently studying Master Degree Program at DIA Dessau.

Yuri Grigoryan

Grigoryan, Yuri E. Head of the studio "Project Meganom" Received the diploma of "Arch-Moscow" for the best building - a house in Dairy Lane. On projects of this architect, built several houses in Ostozhenka, including the most famous house at Dairy Lane, and a few settlements on the Rublevsky highway, including the club settlement X-park. Yuri become the best architect in May 2006 at "Arch-Moscow".

Heather Kuhn

Heather Kuhn is an exchange student at DIA, and is currently studying to receive her Masters of Architecture from Kansas State University.

Thomas Stokke

Thomas Stokke works for Haptic Architects based in London and Oslo.

Ulrich Knaack U. Knaack
Building Technology (Bt) | Design of Constructions
Chair of Design of Constructions

Ulrich Knaack (born in 1964 in Germany) has a been a full professor of Design of Constructions at the faculty since 2005. In the Chair, he concentrates on the fundamentals of construction, the application of construction materials and elements, and the joints between the elements and materials themselves.

Thomas Auer

Trained as a Process Engineer at the Technical University in Stuttgart, Thomas is a partner and managing director of Transsolar GmbH, a German engineering firm specialized in energy efficient building design and environmental quality with offices in Stuttgart, Munich and New York.

Thomas collaborated with world known architecture firms on numerous international design projects and competitions.


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Steven Cowley

Steven Cowley directs the UK's leading fusion research center. Soon he'll helm new experiments that may make cheap fusion energy real on a commercial scale.